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Want to Get Essential Oils at Wholesale Prices?

We believe Young Living Essential Oils are the highest quality of oils out there, and we want to share them with you. 

We also believe that Young Living Essential Oils is the best multi-level marketing company you can possibly be a part of, and we want to share this with you. 

Gary Young is the founder of Young Living Essential Oils who has an amazing story to tell. We invite you to check out his web site and get to know him like we have. His honesty and integrity shows in his words, videos and by his actions. He is a great leader for a great company providing an outstanding product.  

Young Living - Seed to Seal

See what it takes to create one bottle of Young Living® Essential Oil in this video.


Personally, I am thrilled I was privileged to attend convention, tour

the warehouse, see the farm. Hear, see, touch, the real deal. When

visiting the warehouse, we saw the holding area for all the oils including those that are

grown on the farm. They are tested and analyzed with lab machines

before bottling. They are tested for healing plant constituents, chemicals and all

toxicity, etc. The plants and purity are rigorously tested. When you

see for yourself the operations of the farm, labs, warehouse, and hear the extensive

studies with Gary Young, Marc Schrueder, Cole Wooley, it removes all

doubt. That is the advantage of seeing for yourself, looking into their

eyes, face, body language, photos, passion, love, compassion..etc. It is the real deal.

It is amazing to go and hear, see. Then you can be passionate, about

Young Living's beyond organic. Each barrel is tested! Amazing. The

land is tested, the air is tested, the water source is tested. Young Living farms are amazing.

Organic packaging is a start in the "green" world, however, it is not

always what we think it is. I trust YL quality, as it is one of the forerunners in pure technology.

Gary told us of his personal therapy, spinning oils with plasma to

inject oils into his spine. "Don't try this at home" he remarked. He is

ahead of all the steroid gobbley gook they inject into people's spines these days. He uses it on

himself first! Now what Doctor do you know that does that?

That is my personal take on Young Living Organic status question.

Sally Vansickle

I went to Dr. Stewart's class on Seed to Seal. He said Gary doesn't use the term organic because it doesn't define the oils properly. He used the example that gasoline is organic. Also, he said that foods labeled organic can come from plants that themselves were not sprayed with pesticide but something may have been put on the ground. He prefers the term 'wildcrafted' meaning that everything about the source of the oils is free from all pollutants whether it be from the air or underground water source. Gary is very thorough to check out not only the land the plants are growing on but does a thorough research on the surrounding land and environment. This purity makes the plants wildcrafted instead of organic.


If you are looking for alternative health products, look no


If you are looking for aromatherapy oils, look no further.

If you are looking for massage oils, look no further.

If you are looking for residual income, look no further.

If you are looking to change your life,you have found it here. 

Are you NOT a sales person? You DON’T like selling door to door? But you still want to make extra income. Or maybe you just want to buy essential oils at wholesale prices with out any other hassle?

This is the business FOR YOU. There is one low “life time” membership fee of $40. And with this Start Living Kit you get 50% Off Diffuser Coupon, 1 Lavender Oil (5ml), 1 Peppermint Oil (5ml), 3 NingXia Red Singles, Product Guide, numerous informational booklets and DVD’s to help you get started.

Your ONLY commitment after that is to purchase $50 of product in one year to hold onto your membership.


There is NO selling door to door, NO minimum monthly requirements either with sales or your own purchases, and you NEVER have to sell to anyone if you choose not to. No one will ever pressure you to sell. You can simply enjoy the wholesale prices just for your self. 

But once you have tried the oils and love all these products as much as we have, you will naturally want to share them with everyone you know. Before you know it you have started making money, not by selling, but by sharing what you believe in, just like we have. 

So, weather you want to enjoy “Essential Oils at Wholesale Prices” just for yourself or you want to join our team and make residual income for many years to come, check out Young Living web site to view there full line up of products. Ask us about the many more benefits of being a member, like free monthly product, reward points, lower shipping rates, etc.

Want to learn more about the oils and what they can do

for you?

Start Living with the Young Living Business Opportunity

A video about the abundance in health and wellness you can find with Young Living Essential Oils and the Young Living business opportunity.

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