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How to Purchase Young Living Essential Oils

By Becoming an

Independent Distributor



(go to Young Living Essential Oils to view products before purchasing

Note: pricing is in retail value...wholesale is about 30% less)

  • Make a list of products you want to order.

  • Have your credit card ready.

  • Think of a "username" (4-15 chars.), a "pass word" (8-12 chars.), and a pin number (4 digits). Record these and keep them on file, you will need them for reordering.

  •  Go to this Young Living Web Site, and select a country.

  • You now have 3 ways to purchase products, Independent Distributor (wholesale pricing), or Customer (retail pricing). Select which option you want.

  • If you choose the Independent Distributor, you must agree to their Distributor Agreement. Once you have clicked agree, click continue on the next screen where the sponsor and enroller ID # are already filled in.

  • If you choose Customer, skip step six.

  • You should see Laurie Schnell as the sponsor and an area to fill in your Username, Pass Word, and Pin #.

  • Follow the prompts and add your personal information.

  • When you become a distributor there are no monthly obligations for purchasing or recruiting and no yearly membership renewal fees, but you do have to purchase $50 of product every year to keep your membership active. This can simply be a wholesale account for your personal purchases. If you desire you may initiate a home-based business, but it is never required.

  • If you choose Independent Distributor select the starter kit you wish. We recommend the 9 Everyday Oils Kit because it will give you a variety of the most versatile oils to start with. Then click "continue shopping" to add other product or to complete your order.

  • If you choose Preferred Customer or Customer, begin shopping.

  • Be sure to write down you Young Living account number, personal identification number and password for future orders. Then wait for your products to arrive and enjoy!

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