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Holistic Animal Health Care

The Quantum Wave Laser can be used on animals as well as humans. The main benefits to animals are:

  • reduces inflammation

  • relieves pain

  • regenerates tissue

  • promotes circulation

What sets this cold laser apart from any other laser is it’s ability to unwind and clear cell memory. As with all therapies, veterinary permission should always be sought before treating any animal.



These low level lasers have been extensively used for treating horses for over 30 years. Race horses, show jumpers, endurance horses, rodeo horses, polo ponies, quarter horses and old retired horses have all benefited from this treatment.

By using the laser on wounds and muscle tissue, it speeds up the body’s own natural healing process several times over. This helps to prevent scar tissue and the white hairs you so often see on old scar sites. The treatment only takes a short time, can be done frequently and has no known side effects, allowing your horse to return to health quickly.

Low level lasers have shown positive results with:

  • General – stress/distress, muscle pain, trauma, swellings, joint pain & arthritis, stiffness

  • Wounds – deep cuts, proud flesh, scars, swelling, bruising, oedema, lumps

  • Operation sites – over stitches, staples, pins, pain relief, faster wound healing, less scarring

  • Back – pain, cold back, sore back, arthritis, bruises, strains, fibrotic myopathies, muscle pain, kissing spine

  • Hip trouble – sacroiliac symptom

  • Skin – acute infections, chronic infections, eczema, sunburn, cracked heels, mud fever, rain scold, haematomas, non-healing ulcers

  • Legs – tendon injuries, tendonitis, bowed tendons, ligament injuries, inflammation, adhesions, torn fibres, strains, arthritis, Spavins, ringbone, bruising, sore shins

  • Feet – navicular, cracks & splints, laminitis, bruised soles, over-reach wounds, abscess, thrush

  • Head – sinuses, laryngeal paralysis, congested tear ducts, tooth abscess, sore gums & cheeks.

The Quantum Wave Laser is both light and compact and easy to use on horses any where. With over 100 preprogrammed frequencies every session can be customized to suit each individual need giving quicker results.

Generally horses like the energy they get from the laser and will relax very quickly. The Scalar Wave Laser offers a safe and efficient alternative to using drugs. There are no side effects or any trace of drugs in their system, which is very beneficial to competition horses. 


 Dogs love the Low level laser and quickly relax. Positive results have been shown for the following:

  • Canker sores

  • Arthritis

  • Post operation wound healing

  • Pain relief

  • Stress

  • Eczema

  • Slow healing ulcers

  • Abscess


to the energy from the laser so only very short sessions are needed. Low level lasers has positive results for the following:

  • Eczema

  • Arthritis

  • Infected wounds/bites

  • Post operation wound healing

  • Pain relief

  • Stress

  • Slow healing ulcers

  • Absecess

How to Own a Quantum Wave Laser

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