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Testimonials on Oil Use

We are still compiling this list. If you have a testimonial you want to share with us please send it to us at

Frankincense is about 12% limonene. Limonene is a plant molecule that has been observed to not only inhibit cancer, but also to regress it...

This miraculous molecule, and others within the plants that work

with it synergistically, may be giving us this fabulous healing effect.

Scientists often look to nature for healing effects in plants. They

isolate the molecule that seems to be producing a certain effect.

Next they synthetically create a similar molecule which becomes a

drug, and which they can get a patent on. (You cannot get a patent

on natural plant molecules.)

Unfortunately, when a molecule is isolated from the plant, it becomes somewhat toxic to us. When it is synthesized (created in a lab synthetically), in order to create pharmaceutical drugs for the

specific result, it becomes even more toxic and often comes with a

legal sized sheet of side effects. (You can ask your pharmacist for

the insert, which lists side effects, for any drugs you are taking.)

So it is much more preferable to use the whole plant, or the whole

essential oil of the plant, rather than an isolated molecule.

Therapeutic grade essential oils (as opposed to industrial grade oils

or synthetically produced fragrances) contain a balanced and complete molecular profile. That's why we get such amazing results. And they are safe and non-toxic to us.

Frankincense has been observed throughout history to help the

body’s immune system alleviate cancer. Its limonene content may be a crucial factor. The citrus oils, like orange, grapefruit, lemon, etc., are mostly limonene (often 90-95%), with a few other supporting molecules.

In order to replicate the amount of limonene used in the research

studies that show regression of cancer, one would have to take 10 ml of orange oil a day, internally. This is about 12-14 "00" capsules.

If someone is in a cancer treatment program, they need to speak

with their oncologist about adding citrus oils or frankincense to what they are already doing. They may want to share the limonene

information with the doctor, as many physicians are not aware of this research.

We are definitely in the pioneering phase of this work, and it's

exciting to be a part of it! Vicki O.

Testimonial #1: Several months ago we discovered that a neighbour has been sexually abusing girls in the neighbourhood, our daughter being one of them. This has been a traumatic event for us. My daughter was extremely distressed, having nightmares as a result. My sister kindly sent some wonderful oils, "Inner Child" and "Joy". My daughter loves the smell of "Inner Child", and began applying it every night over her navel and her forehead. The first thing I noticed was that she was less scared and more relaxed after using the oil. From the very first night the nightmares stopped, and instead she described dreams of fields full of flowers, with smiling, friendly people all around. She used the oil for several months, and now is a wonderful, happy child again. I use the "Joy" on myself regularly, and experience instant upliftment. The oils have helped so much in this situation.

Testimonial #2: My daughter's been addicted to Speed for a year, and I've watched her life and her body fall apart. Despite several attempts to come clean, she's never had the willpower to follow through, and always began using again. A friend suggested I buy "Inner Child", "Joy" and "Valor", believing these may help my daughter find the strength and self-love to help herself. My daughter loves them, especially "Inner Child". I notice she often giggles when she rubs it around her navel. In less than a month of applying these oil blends, my daughter has gone from abusing me when she sees me, to being able to tell me how much she loves me. She's chosen to go through "detox", and has now checked herself into a rehabilitation centre. This is such a break-through that I can only say a heart-felt "thank you" for these wonderful products. I believe they have saved her life.

PS. From Artemis: I am still in touch with my friend's daughter, who has grown into a close friend of mine. I can let you know that she fully recovered from this experience with drugs, and is now a happy mother of two beautiful children. At that point in her journey, her mum had reached a point of complete desperation. Nothing was working, and she (and I) were watching this beautiful angel slowly killing herself. I had said to her mum, "I don't know if these oils work, but let's give them a try". And somehow a miracle did happen, and I believe the oils were the catalyst for my friend finding in herself the desire and the strength to heal. That's why in any situation, the oils are my first resort, and my last resort.

One day I woke up with a terrible sore throat. The only time I had one like this before was when I was 9 yrs old and had to have my tonsils taken out.

After that, usually I could get rid of the sore throat by putting Exodus II or Thieves on a Q-tip and swab my throat and take a capsule full of Exodus II and it would be gone over night. But this time it didn't even phase it. The next night it was even worse, I could not sleep because of the pain. I got up and decided to drink some NingXia Red to see if it would soothe my throat because of it being cold. Well, as I held it in the back of my throat I decided to gargle with it. It felt so soothing, so I held it as long as I could until I had to swallow it. I let a little trickle down the throat and I thought, " wow", that wasn't excruciating as I thought it would be, so I let more slide down my throat and I could swallow it with it not hurting. I gargled again, swallowed and my throat felt 75% better so I went to bed and went right to sleep.

I slept through the whole night. The next morning my sore throat was almost gone. Gargling throughout the day and it was gone by bedtime.

The NingXia Red has improved my energy and has kept my veins free of plaque. I knew I had a problem because when I went to the Young Life Research Clinic in 2006 I was told I had hardening of the arteries.

In spring 2007 I was at a fair. There was a machine available to test the veins. This test could tell if there was plaque build up and also check the circulation. My veins were wide open and flowing freely and my circulation was great.

Another testimony about NingXia Red and frankincense is, I no longer have to use my prescription bifocals. My Dr. could not believe that my eyes had improved so much to where I did not even need a prescription. He suggested that I use #1 over the counter glasses when my eyes were tired and blurry for reading. He said he hadn't seen people's eyesight improve, normally it just gradually worsened. Even my husband’s eyesight is getting better.

Nancy Sanderson 

I had a recent burn incident. I was cooking and hot oil splashed on my arm. There was less than 2 tablespoons of oil in the pan. It burned me in six places. I immediately called for my family to get my bag of oils and I put Lavender & Idaho Balsam fir on it. It was extremely painful. The 2 small blisters that started to develop went away immediately and the other 4 places never even formed blisters. I continued to put Lavender and Idaho balsam fir on it for the next 2 weeks or so. I also used the Genesis lotion to keep the skin moist between oil applications when it started to look dry. My arm never looked like it had been burned. It was smooth to the touch, but I did have some discolouration on those 6 spots. I continued to put the oils on several times a day. It is so amazing. Today, several weeks later, the discoloured spots are barely visible and absolutely no scarring or other marks to indicate I was ever burned. No one who saw my burns throughout the healing process could believe I had actually been burned. Sherri Randolph

I feel compelled to say that when I burned my hand on Corning ware fresh out of the 450-degree oven (picked it up without a mitt because my daughter removed it from the oven & I forgot it was hot) I used lavender oil neat immediately. The pain was gone in one minute. Pain returned in 5 minutes and I again used lavender neat, and again 15 minutes later. But this time the pain left for a whole hour before I had to use neat lavender again, but by then, I had no more pain, no blistering, no redness. The next day I was able to work a 10-hr shift using a keyboard continuously, without residual blistering, redness or pain. And I still have fingerprints! (I was a bit concerned for a little while that they were gone for good!) Incidentally, lavender neat dropped right into a gaping knife wound provides blessed relief from pain and heals the cut in three or four days – not two weeks like it usually takes for me. Was washing a butcher knife one day preparing for a camping trip; my dishrag got caught on a screw in the handle and . . . well, I’ll just say the resulting cut alarmed me. But I rinsed it with cold water to slow the bleeding (bleeding cleanses a wound so you don’t want to stop it immediately unless it is pulsing arterially, in which case you probably should seek professional medical attention**) and immediately dosed it with a drop or two of the lavender oil, neat. This time it stung as it hit the open flesh for just one second but then all pain subsided in mere few more seconds. I held it shut with a Band-Aid after the oil and water evaporated from around my finger. I went ahead and took my knife camping with me and had a wonderful four days in the woods with no pain from my cut finger. I did change the Band-aid morning and night and added a drop of neat lavender at each Band-Aid change. I have NO SCAR!Just wanted to share what I’ve learned from my personal experiences with burns and cuts that using YOUNG LIVING essential oil of lavender neat just might be the BEST THING after a sliced thumb or burned fingers. Marilyn W. 

 I had to drop you a quick note to tell you an experience I had last night with a bad burn. I was using my curling iron and somehow the cord twisted in such a way that it pulled the curling iron completely around. When I went to grab it, while looking in the mirror, I grasped the hot end of the curling iron and lifted it up to my head. It took just a second to realize what I had done -- OUCH! I had a large blister on my hand immediately, and it was the most painful burn I've ever had. It felt like my hand was literally on fire. First, I saturated the area with LavaDerm Spray. Then, I doused it with lavender oil. Then I mixed a few drops of lavender oil with lavender lotion and coated the affected area. After this last step, the pain subsided significantly. Within an hour the pain was essentially gone. This morning there is no redness, pain, and only a small blister to remind me of the incident. Amazing." Laura  

Thyme oil and Snoring ANTS and other Household Pests2009 has been a wet year here in the Northeast, and I hear a lot of complaints about ants taking over the house.Several years ago, I lived in an apartment where little brown ants came in droves every spring for several months. One day I left a food wrapper in the garbage, and a short while later, the whole colony had lined up to partake of it. I followed the trail behind a desk and when I reached behind it to pull the desk out, my hand came out covered in ants! YIKES!Without thinking, I grabbed a diluted bottle of Thieves® Household Cleaner (about a capful in a 32 oz. spray bottle of water) and squirted the swarm of ants. They died so quickly they didn’t even twitch! Fascinating! I sprayed everywhere and continued to spray whenever more appeared. It always worked. And without use of toxic chemicals and icky stuff.Sometimes I add Young Living peppermint to that same 32 oz. bottle for extra power (peppermint being an excellent amplifier) especially for larger or more resistant insects. Very little can withstand peppermint. I’m told that mice don’t like it as well. Hope this is helpful! Deborah Carlton

My boyfriend Dale snores, a lot ! and LOUD !!! So I looked up the Essential Oils Desk Reference and it said to apply 4-6 drops of thyme oil diluted 50:50 with V6 oil to the sole of each foot at bedtime. So he goes to bed and after rubbing the oil on his feet he goes off to sleep. Dale is a shift worker and is able to fall asleep in about 3 minutes or less (I wish I could !). Off to sleep he goes and normally I would hear snoring about 5 minutes after he drops off. I didn’t sleep well that night – I kept waking up because it was too quiet – no snoring! - Cathy B.


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